Facebook’s social games a flash from the past

Back in the years 1992-1994 I was running a BBS called Starport, which was one most famous BBS for demosceners as it was the World HQ for Future Crew. BBS were a lot like the current SocNets, but just with a few hundred users. You dialed in with your modem, posted on forums, chatted, downloaded and uploaded files, and in general just hang around socially.

One of the big attractions were the multiuser games like Trade Wars or Legend of Red Dragon (LORD). The asynchronous multiplayer action back is almost identical to the current Facebook games like MobWars or Battle of the Bands. Actually, those ancient BBS games were far superior to the simple gameplay mechanics in many SocNet games. Trade Wars was a personal favourite with its Elite-esque sci-fi action.

This started me thinking that it might not be a bad idea to port Trade Wars to the Facebook platform. I know I’d die to play it again.

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One Comment on “Facebook’s social games a flash from the past”

  1. Asmo Says:

    Oh Trade Wars! Thanks for reminding about it – what a great flashback came to my head right away. And how terrifying it was to leave your ship in some faraway sector, without sanctuary, while logging of from your gaming BBS… Classic! :)

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