Startup marketing

I’ve been reading a couple of Seth Godin‘s books, The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell and digging into the Dave McClure‘s AARRR metrics model.  Today I stumbled upon Sean O’Malley’s slideshow on Startup Marketing, which nicely brings together ideas from all of these. Check out the slideshow and follow the links on the path to wisdom!

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2 Comments on “Startup marketing”

  1. perrybelcher Says:

    Being remarkable (or to be remarked about) is key to getting attention today. There is a tapioca juice bar chain in Houston that is rocking called “Chewy Balls” look it up. – Perry Belcher

  2. Perry, think I found them on Yelp:

    I just recently finished Seth’s Purple Cow, and I do agree about the point of having to be remarkable to get people talking about you. Seth has also a good point of avoiding being scandalous, because that won’t get you very far.

    Chewy balls. I’m not sure I can wipe that mental image out any time soon =). Whether it is remarkable (those tapioca teas better be really good =)) or scandalous, I can’t tell yet.

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