Rescue the princess app – funware by Lost Garden

Daniel Cook of Lost Garden recently gave a talk about applying game mechanics to user experience design, that is, funware. His presentation offers great insights and ideas on how to go about applying game-like structures in non-game applications thru using game design patterns.

According to Daniel Funware works because it uses exploratory learning to motivate the user/player. Learning becomes fun! This is also what Mihály Csíkszentmihályi theory of Flow discusses as the “optimal experience”. It’s pretty easy see how this is a powerful concept: simply contrast learning skills in Super Mario vs. trying to bend Photoshop to your will.

Daniel’s presentation is a must read for anyone interested in Funware!

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One Comment on “Rescue the princess app – funware by Lost Garden”

  1. Daniel Cook has now posted a video of his presentation:

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