Hello, world!

Hello, world!

I’ve recently founded Everyplay, social gaming startup, after working for a number of years in the traditional video game space. In the process leading up the founding of Everyplay and ever since I’ve been fortunate to learn a lot from great blogs such as Andrew Chen’s Futuristic Play.

It’s time for me to start contributing back to the community about lessons I’m learning as an entrepreneur, to share the observations I’m making of rapidly evolving gaming landscape and hopefully be part of the great conversation between the people who want to the change the world.

As I hail from Helsinki, Finland, some of my posts are going to be specific to the Finnish and EU startup ecosystems.

2 Comments on “About”

  1. […] and trying to market and sell it to the world. Yet this is what most of the companies seem to do. Jussi Laakkonen, founder of Everyplay, wrote a great piece on customer development. He said that according to Steve […]

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Just a quick question. I am in the process of organizing and developing an MMO. I have found a superb team of individuals who find this project enlightening and who really want to see it go forward. After explaining the necessity of collaboration and multi-tasking within the development world, the basic response can only be explained as, “Yeah? And? Great!” My question is this:
    The way I am approaching this initial project (as none of us are even near wealthy) is for the production to take place (estimating 1½-2 years pre-beta) and then approaching a larger company with the finished product in hopes of selling the completed project to them, and then using that funding as a base capital for company organization and development. I have faith in this project as there are certain aspects of it that the entire team (myself included) are very excited about as these aspects have not yet been explored en masse.
    What would you say to such a technique for funding and why?
    Thank you.

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