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Read, read, read – how to survive 8727km from Silicon Valley

March 16, 2009
(CC) Will Lion

(CC) Will Lion

The web is an amazing equalizer. It brings everything closer. To be precise 8727km closer (the distance from Helsinki, Finland to Silicon Valley, USA).

Since before I started Everyplay I knew I had to learn a lot, but I never imagined I could learn so much by simply being at my computer and devouring blog posts, following people on Twitter, watching conference videos and tracking hashtags. I’m truly grateful to every conference organizer like Charles Hudson (Virtual Goods conference) or Mike Arrington and Jason Calacanis (TechCrunch50) and to every conference presenter, who post their presos, videos and transcripts online. I’m truly grateful to every blogger like Eric Ries, Andrew Chen and Raph Koster, who share their hard earned lessons and insights freely with the world.

If you are geographically-handicapped like me, the best thing you can do is to drink from the fire hydrant. To get you started, here is the list of the 250+ blogs I track. The list gets roughly 400-500 posts per day, so the best thing to do is to just skim the list and read the interesting parts.

The blogs are in a quasi-ranked list of relevance and quality (i.e. I moved the blogs I pay most attention to the top of their respective lists). I’ve bolded a few top selections, that anybody interested in games, startups, virtual goods, and venture capital should follow. If you want to import a whole bunch of these feeds, feel free to grab my OPML file (you can import it to e.g. Google Reader)

Game design

  • [RSS] Raph’s Website (Raph Koster, brilliant designer and thought leader for MMOs, founder of Metaplace)
  • [RSS] Avant Game (Jane McGonigal is one of the thought leaders in using games outside of games)
  • [RSS] Lost Garden (Daniel Cook is a very prominent game designer, great articles e.g. on Funware)
  • [RSS] Zen of Design (Damien Schubert is a very prominent game designer, highly experienced on MMOs)
  • [RSS] DESIGNER NOTES (Soren Johnson, designer at Firaxis for e.g. Civilization)
  • [RSS] musings of a social architect (Amy Jo Kim’s blog, CEO of Shufflebrain, game & community designer)
  • [RSS] Sulka’s Game (Sulka Haro, lead designer of Habbo)
  • [RSS] frans goes blog (Personal blog of Frans Mäyrä, professor at Hypermedia lab, academic perspective)
  • [RSS] The Funware Blog @ rmbr (Gabe Zichermann’s blog, not very active anymore, used to be about Funware)
  • [RSS] Broken Toys (Scott Jennings, formerly of NCSoft, now in a top secret online games startup)

Online games, virtual worlds

Virtual goods

Game industry general

Entrepreneurs & entrepreneurship, startups

Venture Capital

Web 2.0, social media

Flash game tech

Professional blogs


Did you find the list useful? Am I missing a blog that an online games entrepreneur should definitely follow? Please shout out in the comments!

Pure gold: Raph Koster & Amy Jo Kim

February 5, 2009

(CC) Curtis Perry, Flickr

(CC) Curtis Perry

Raph Koster

(CC) Scott Beale / Laughing Squid, Flickr

(CC) Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

Raph Koster is a MMO designer extraordinarie and the founder of Metaplace, a game-changing startup in the online games space. Raph has an excellent blog that is definitely worth following if you even remotely interested in what makes online social places (games, virtual worlds, social networks) tick. Most recently Raph has come out with two powerhouse posts on improving socializing. They are pure gold:

Ways to make your virtual space more social

Ways to make your social space more gamey

Amy Jo Kim

(CC) Richard Giles

(CC) Richard Giles

Meanwhile Amy Jo Kim recently gave speeches on Funware at Google and at Dave McClure’s Startup2Startup evening. I’m a huge fan of her work and it was superb to finally see the video recording of her presentation. She has been sharing her slides, but I believe this is the first time the presentation is available in video. Another pure gold post:

Fun in Functional: Google and Startup2Startup

Rescue the princess app – funware by Lost Garden

October 27, 2008

Daniel Cook of Lost Garden recently gave a talk about applying game mechanics to user experience design, that is, funware. His presentation offers great insights and ideas on how to go about applying game-like structures in non-game applications thru using game design patterns.

According to Daniel Funware works because it uses exploratory learning to motivate the user/player. Learning becomes fun! This is also what Mihály Csíkszentmihályi theory of Flow discusses as the “optimal experience”. It’s pretty easy see how this is a powerful concept: simply contrast learning skills in Super Mario vs. trying to bend Photoshop to your will.

Daniel’s presentation is a must read for anyone interested in Funware!

Blog love: Altgate is awesome

October 21, 2008

Andrew Chen recently blogged about Altgate, and as avid reader of anything Andrew posts, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to learn more about Altgate.

Altgate is written by Furqan Nazeeri, a serial entrepreneur out of Boston. I’ve only gone thru a couple of his most popular posts and already I can tell this his blog is nothing short of awesome. I know I will be sending a lot of quality time with his posts – so should you if startups or VC deals are anything you are interested in.

Quick links to Altgate

For quick access, here are links to Altgate’s most popular posts:

Raising Capital: