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Taneli’s blog up

October 5, 2008

Taneli Tikka is one of the most successful, Finnish serial entrepreneurs. He’s been involved with companies such as IRC-Galleria and Dopplr and is currently active in both Muxlim and RunToShop. Taneli is also an advisor to Everyplay.

Taneli’s blog is now up and I for one have already subscribed. Taneli’s post on VC due diligence is a must read, and I found plenty of great new blogs to follow from his reading list.

He being asked to star on The Bachelor is definitely something ;-).

The Art of the Start

September 27, 2008

First, I’ll get this off my chest: The Art of the Start is probably the best book for a budding tech entrepreneur that I’ve read. So, you can head off to to buy it and dispense with my mini-review as your time is going to be better spent reading this book first hand than reading a review =). That said, if you need a bit of convincing before buying, here we go.

I must admit, I stumbled onto Guy Kawasaki by accident on the web. I was reading some blog sometime in the fall of year 2007 and it linked to his marvelous The Art of the Start live presentation. I was glued to the screen. If you haven’t seen his presentation yet, and you are in a technology startup, watch it now – and stay with it until the very end when they try to drag him off the stage.

I ordered the book minutes after watching the video (have you ordered it already? ok, good!), and then while waiting for the courier to arrive, I devoured his personal blog and the gold nuggets from Garage Technology Venturesresources section (open up these links in your browser’s tab and proceed there after reading this blog post). Finally, the book arrived.

Weighing at 220 pages, The Art of the Start is excellently focused, nothing but pure distilled startup genius, ranging from how to get started, to pitching, to networking and to being a mensch. It’s a fast read, but you’ll find yourself coming back to it several times (I’ve read the book at least four times cover to cover). It’s entertaining, the anecdotes are insightful and funny, the ideas are pratical, the list just goes on. You can put every single chapter of this book into practice somewhere along your startup’s life including such life defining situations like designing your product to participating in panel discussions ;-).

This must not have been easy book to write. It is so streamlined and good, that the editing must have been ruthless with huge amount of iterations. As a reader it’s godsend. No bs, no fluff, no filler pages. Just the good stuff.

Verdict: 5/5 – highly recommended.