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Book review: Yes! 50 scientifically proven ways to be more persuasive

October 22, 2008

Robert B. Cialdini should be familiar to many of you thanks to his groundbreaking book “Influence: the science and practice” that has sold over a million copies. Although I was fascinated by the book when I read it, it was still a bit academic and dry, and I never got around taking the lessons into practice.

Now, there is no excuse. Robert’s (along with Noah J. Goldstein and Steve J. Martin) latest book Yes! 50 scientifically proven ways to be more persuasive is simply pure gold.

This book takes the science and showcases it thru practical field tests. Concise chapters (1-4 pages) on each of the “50 proven ways” are fast reads, alive with witty remarks and stockful of lessons for immediate real world use.

I was so taken by the book that I thought that a standard book review would do it justice. I thoroughly enjoyed Garr Reynold’s presentation-style review of Brain Rules, and decided I should try to do something similar. Little did I know that doing it that way would be a lot of work (over five hours to be exact) ;-), but the end result and the book were definitely worth it.

Watch the review on Slideshare and let’s see if I can persuade you to buy the book.

Did I succeed to persuade you to buy the book? Let’s hear it in the comments!